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According to Elettromeccanica 3C the security system of each house should have 4 fundamental characteristics.
A home burglar alarm helps you live more peacefully.

To ensure adequate security, the video surveillance system must include some elements.
An optimal burglar alarm will be provided with several cameras, to be placed both inside and outside, to control various points of the property.

A camera can be placed near the entrance door to reveal the identity of each visitor and, at the same time, discourage any intrusions by malicious parties. Furthermore, the recognition function can be particularly important if there are children at home, who can thus see who the visitor is and decide whether to let him in or not.

A camera placed at other points will instead help to defend the entire property, as well as to monitor cars, scooters and any other objects left outside the house.

How surveillance cameras work

These devices record any movement and send it to the digital VCR, which records everything on a hard disk. The connection between the cameras and the VCR can take place both via cable and via wi-fi.

External and internal siren
If cameras and VCRs allow to have the house under control, to verify from a distance that it is all regular inside it and to take back the thieves in case of intrusion to allow their easy identification, an anti-theft device with external siren proves very useful in the cause immediate eviction of the bad guys.

Connected to the surveillance system, in fact, it attracts the attention of neighbors and passers-by on the house through a visual indicator (flashing) and an audible one (acoustic trumpet). In general, each alarm system includes at least one, to be placed outside the home. The presence on the market of outdoor sirens characterized by a modern and attractive design, as well as available in both wireless and cable-connected versions, makes the offer able to meet every single need.

Obviously all the proposed models have a high resistance to atmospheric agents and can be placed anywhere without problems. Indoor sirens, on the other hand, are often already integrated inside the control unit and their purpose is the same as those intended for outdoor use: to put the thief to flight and alert the whole neighborhood.

Remote control
With the spread of smartphones and tablets, the possibility of remote control of each individual alarm system has also expanded.

Today, thanks to the enormous potential of the web, it is possible to manage the alarm through the connected mobile devices as if the user were inside his own home and to arm or disarm the alarm by choosing individual areas of the house.

In the event that the burglar alarm is activated following extraneous presences, the control unit will send a signal to previously selected numbers, which may include, for example, in addition to that of the building owner, also that of a surveillance group with which the owner himself has entered into a contract.

The notice can start either in PSTN (in case of fixed telephone line) or through GSM on mobile network. The alarm system will be able to send both voice and SMS messages, at the user's choice.

As well as in the event of an intrusion, the burglar alarm also activates when other events occur which could have been caused by an attempted tampering, such as interruption of electricity and a fault detected by the control unit.

Activation and deactivation with voice commands or numerical sequence
Some anti-theft devices also offer the possibility of activation and deactivation also through voice commands, as well as with the insertion of a numerical sequence chosen by the user. In this case only those who have previously been authorized through a voice recognition procedure will be able to interact with the surveillance system.

Other devices to increase the performance of the safety system
In combination with the burglar alarm that allows detecting extraneous presences inside the home and putting them to flight, it is in fact possible to choose other devices that increase the level of protection of all the inhabitants of the house.

Among these, one of those most appreciated and requested, is undoubtedly the fire detector. The danger signal can be activated by the presence of smoke and heat, therefore allowing to know also the risk of a possible fire before it develops. A timely intervention will thus be able to eliminate the danger or at least limit the damage that the fire could cause to things and people.

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