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With many years of experience in the sector, we offer our customers an integrated design, wiring, testing and start-up service for industrial electrical panels, also for automated and robotized systems, able to satisfy every type of requirement.

The internal workshop is composed of highly qualified workers who carry out meticulous and continuous checks on all the construction phases to guarantee the maximum quality of the finished product.

All the equipment is tested, tested, CE marked and provided with appropriate documentation, in compliance with the reference directives and the specific requirements of each customer.


The term "machine edge" means all those elements that represent the means by which the machine interacts with the external environment, receiving inputs and producing outputs (sensors, meters, actuators, etc.).

Today technological progress and in particular the digitalisation of sensors have led to the creation of sense organs for increasingly sophisticated machines that allow, among other things, the birth of a second generation of robots with artificial intelligence and a high degree of autonomy.

Elettromeccanica 3C provides its customers with all the technologies in the sector, constantly updating their equipment and employees.

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